FindNearMe Education

​Learn about a Guided Closing

What is the FindNearMe system?

The FindNearMe system is a digital tool that enables guided closing using a product locator that increases customer engagement and leads to better closing rates, stronger customer relationships, and long lasting loyalty.

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What is Guided Closing?

A Guided Closing is the next step in the evolution of Guided​ Selling.  It is the process of closing a sale by leveraging a passionate local expert. This expert helps a consumer select and purchase the product that best fulfills their needs.  They actively guide consumers in making a buying decision.

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What is a Product Finder or Product Locator?

Product finders are information systems that help consumers to identify a product they want from a large pool of potential matches. The systems helps locate that product at a local retail store for purchase.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement is a business connection between a consumer and a manufacturer, commonly through a retail store. In-store customer engagement is leveraged by a sales associate’s extensive product knowledge. They can be aided by the use of digital tools.  For example, equipping a sales associate with a tablet or smart phone. Digital tools can improve communication, can deliver product information, and can deliver sales training. An associate can even show consumers high-definition product images and videos.

These tools transform an on-floor associate into a passionate brand-ambassador. The associate will have the power to cross-sell, up-sell, improve customer relationships, and foster customer loyalty.